Voted YES


Alderman David Moore voted “YES” on the 2020 City of Chicago budget and for a responsible budget that maximizes the efficiency of our city’s government, ensures we maintain the quality of services our residents depend on, and does everything possible to prevent hard-working Chicagoans from bearing the burden as we strive to put our city finances back on track.

Alderman Moore voted to support a budget that includes these key measures:

  • Invested close to $30 million in new funding in the key areas of affordable housing, mental health, homelessness, and violence prevention.
  • Increased the city’s minimum wage to $14/hour in 2020 and $15/hour in 2021.
  • Closed a record $838 million deficit through structural solutions, savings, efficiencies and new revenues – without a large property tax increase.

Click here to thank your Alderman for voting for a responsible budget that reduces the burden on hard-working Chicagoans while setting our city on a path towards financial stability.

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